Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shoe Suede Blues In Bordentown 11/29/14!

Peter and Joe Boyle and Sturgis and Lauren!  Stellar lineup for this *rare* concert.

And the old gang in the audience.

Listen to some of his music here.

Nothing more for me to say, except that I was not there. Which was actually fine. I'm glad he's still making music.  But driving down to Maryland was too much for me to imagine.  And I am happy.

I hope everyone reading this is too. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SSB on November 29th

After a LONG period of silence . . .

Shoe Suede Blues MAY just be playing a gig!

See the Facebook Announcement below.

That's as official as it gets now, folks.

Tune in for more info!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Micky at Mohegan Sun

Micky played Mohegan Sun last night, Coco and the usual suspects in tow.

Facebook is full of great pics today.

Does he know that Shoe Suede Blues played there a few years ago?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nez Touched and Surprised

Nez posted this on his FB page.  Because someone bought tickets AND paid $250 for EACH Meet & Greet!!

I personally know SEVERAL people who have done this for a variety of the other members.  It's not all that unusual. Getting a shout-out is more unusual.  It's good to know that he appreciates it.  (And what about all the other people who don't have the time or $$ to do it, but would LOVE to have the opportunity?  What about THEIR dedication?  Is it only revealed in $$?)

My solo tour kicks off tomorrow at the Stagecoach Festival in Coachella Valley, then up the coast and ending in Portland.
Something unique and special has happened for this tour that I want to share.
I have been thinking about the right way to post this in a public forum because I want to share it with you without divulging anything private about who is involved
Someone has bought tickets and a conversation reception pass for every single show.
That means they will be at every show, and after every one, will have a short chat with me one-on-one, and I will sign whatever they would like, and we will take pictures together – the usual meet and greet activity.
Astounding. The time and resource put into this amazes me.
The cost of the tickets.
The cost of the Conversation Reception pass.
The cost of the travel.
The cost of the time.
The unqualified support.
I won’t tell you who it is.
That is very much their own business, and I would never want that made public in any case, but I have to publically acknowledge this level of dedication somehow.
I am so grateful for it, and genuinely touched by it.
These kinds of tours– the small venues and clubs – for this kind of show, are rare because they are very hard to mount at this level. Getting musicians of this caliber in a small venue is almost impossible. It’s why Symphony orchestras need such support from the communities they serve.
On a tour like this all the money that comes in goes to the production. I take no money, and in this particular case even the musicians and crew have taken reduced fees to bring this show on the road.
It is, above all, a labor of love and an encouragement of growth and expansion.
What we love is the performance moment -- the live performance where everyone is at the same place at the same time experiencing their own individualized sense of a collective consciousness.
It is real nourishment for everyone who participates.
That is why the support of someone like our “patron” who gives so completely is very important and worthy of the deepest gratitude. Not just from me and the band and crew but everyone who is benefited by it.
Just to know that we connect at all is enough to sustain us, but to feel such loyalty brings a feast of gratitude from all of us.
There is much that can be said here, but suffice to say “Thank you” to our hidden benefactor for such a display of affection.
It is a thank you straight from our heart and it needs to be said publicly.
You are one of those extraordinary people out there who support so willingly and never assume anything other than the enjoyment of their own commitment.
You are a lesson to us. You are one of our best reasons to do this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lobby Sing Along!!

Monkee Fan Interviews!!

We are conducting 5 minute video interviews at our table!

We ask Fans about their first encounters with the Monkees, how they met Monkee friends, profound moments on how they connect with the music and anything else they want to say!!

Please come by and share your memories!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monkee Fan Archive!!

As a way to celebrate the Monkee Fan Experience, we are hosting a table at the Monkee Convention 2014 where we invite Fans to contribute their favorite Monkee moments and histories. The Monkee Fan experience is different from that of any other music group, television show, movie or legend.

We at "Six Degrees of Monkees" want to create an online Fan Archive to include personal histories and stories.  We have created a series of questions, where you can record your experiences.  Everything is ANONYMOUS, so be honest but please share only what you feel comfortable with.

 Click here to contribute your stories to the Monkee Fan Archive.

We would love to compile these responses and may publish quotes on our website and on our Facebook group (etc.)  By contributing here, you are consenting to let us use your words as part of the Monkee Fan Archive.

Alternatively, if you have more to say and would like to contribute to the conversation personally, please comment on the site or find us on Facebook. We are also filming videos of interviews with fans; if you are interested in contributing in that form, please contact us on the blog by commenting!

Again, thank you very much for contributing and sharing great Monkee vibes with other Fans!


The full link is here:

Monkees Convention 2014 Eve!!

We hope that you are all as excited as we are that MonkeeCon is finally here!!

Okay, it starts tomorrow, but this feels just like waiting for Christmas to arrive.

If you are attending, please feel free to stop by our booth & chat with us.

We are planning a great surprise!!

P.S. If you can't be there in person, check out the Live Feed from

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peter will be at the Convention!

The following was posted on Facebook and sent out via email:

A Message from The REAL Peter Tork Facebook Page.
BIG NEWS!!!! Yes, you heard right…. Peter has been able to shift his other commitments to be able to attend part of the Monkees Convention!!! Peter will be there for a LIMITED time, and will be signing autographs onSaturday, March 15 at 2:00pm - 5:00pm ONLY. Peter is very excited that his schedule will now allow him to stop by the convention, even if only for this short time. Peter and his team ask that fans please understand and be aware that Peter will want to try and see as many fans as possible during his short time at the convention. We ask that you please be considerate to your fellow fans so that all may have a chance to say hi to Peter. Enjoy & have a great time at the convention! ~ptfb team
Now if you have not been convinced this will be the most amazing weekend ever, we need to retire. 
Don't forget, we have Micky performing Friday, The America's Pop Music Hall of Fame Induction Saturday Morning then Movies of the Mind at night.
Peter Saturday afternoon.  We have the screenings of the NEW Boyce and Hart Movie, WOOOOOOOO. 
Just a reminder, VIP tickets get you in 1 hour prior to lines and gives you assigned seating, VIP will NOT be available at the door.  Tickets purchased day of at the door WILL be 10 dollars more.  We do have tickets available to Nez's Movies of the Minds show Saturday eve.  Remember those tickets are NOT included in admission.
We told you Historic, We told you Monkumental and we meant it.
Check the schedule at the website.


Get your tickets, see the guests and schedule 

Jodi and Phyllis
Monkees Convention 2014
March 14, 15 and 16th
Sheraton Meadowlands
Be There or Be Square

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sid Bernstein Tribute at the Cutting Room

Many great singers, production people & fans crowded The Cutting Room to celebrate this terrific producer/promoter.

There is a story, probably true, about him calling Brian Epstein's house to try to book the Beatles into Shea Stadium. He got Brian's Mom, who didn't believe any of his credentials. But, being Jewish, he knew how to schmooze a Jewish mother. She eventually got Brian, even though she never believed Sid.

He built his career on persistence & cha . We are a better world for that!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Elephant's Memory Panel!!

Elephant's Memory was a great band that had a full run from 1967-1976, but are perhaps most famously known as the backup band for John and Yoko (1972-1976).  They are amazingly versatile, as you can tell from existing live video from various performances.

It seems like one of those rock legends, existing more in memory and random footage rather than on official album status.  Gary shared lots of excellent stories.

The panel explored Gary's memories of working with John, and NOT working with him.  Due to some of John's immigration restrictions, he was not allowed to "work" in the US, and thus kept the band "on retainer" for an extended period of time.  When they were doing a benefit television performance in LA, John and Yoko called in LIVE to acknowledge them as their band, even though they couldn't appear with them.  John produced a self titled album of theirs on Apple Records, but it has YET to be released on CD, due to whatever bullshit reasons.

Gary discussed-briefly before choking up- the night of John's death. Gary had been scheduled to play a jazz gig across from the Dakota & was coming up out of the subway when he saw the ambulance carrying John pulling away . . .

Three handsome guys!!! 

Howie Edelson, Rock Writer

Gary Van Scyoc, Bassist with the Elephant's Memory, John Lennon's Band
"John asked if he could join OUR band.  That shows you how much respect he had as a musician!"

Darren DeVivo, WFUV DJ
Legendary (and all around fabulous) Beatlemaniac, sharing excellent music in the NYC-listening area.

40 Years of BeatleFest!!

Monkee Evidence at BeatleFest!!

Who left these flyers?? (Fred Velez?)
Big mystery!!


A few minutes later....
Guess who I run into?

John Rose of The Monkees Convention!!

Solo Beatle Panel

Howie Edelson
Ken Michaels
Darren DeVivo

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Capitol Records & Top 40 Radio

Bruce Spizer
Al Sussman
Allan Kozinn -wrote It's Got That Certain Something (EBook single)

He wants to know if ANYONE has the set list for September 20, 1964 at the Paramount. Gay Telese in the NYTimes wrote they only did 10 songs. Possible last performance of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"; they dropped it entirely afterward.

Other reviewers called one song "You Know You Should Be Bad". Nora Ephron. wrote about them everyday.

Ed Sullivan Panel

Irene Katz-the kid who held the sign (Elvis is dead, long live the Beatles)

Vince Calandra- production exec on Sullivan

Larry Kane hosting

Beatles got $10k for doing 3 shows, 2 live/1 on tape.

"Honoring Brian Epstein" Panel

This panel was particularly fabulous, featuring Pattie Boyd (married to George Harrison & Eric Clapton-at different times) who actually knew Brian and his influence on the Beatles. Billy J. Kramer was himself managed by Brian offered his perspective. Vivek Tiwary has control of the narrative in his lovingly produced graphic novel, "The Fifth Beatle"  (He's the one in the photos gazing adoringly at the others)

The conversation included mention (and re-affirmation) of Brian's gambling habit.  Pattie discussed how he was the one to teach her and "The Boys" about all the *poshest* things, she even used the word Svengali.  Once he took her and George on a trip to the South of France, where they expected a full tour.  Instead, it turned out that they were right near Monte Carlo, and Brian was more interested in "having a flutter" (the British term for gambling) than playing tourguide.

The entire room hushed as she began to discuss finding out about Brian's death.  She and George and John had just arrived in India when they heard the news.  The Maharishi was trying to explain to them about life being eternal, etc. But she said the real reaction was much more difficult, "That look on their faces, crumbled, ashen. 'We are done'"

L to R, Pattie Boyd, Martin Lewis, Billy J. Kramer, Vivek Tiwary

Billy J. Kramer & Vivek Tiwary

Billy told about being overweight as a young performer.  But he said how kind Brian was,  "the kind of Manager who could turn to a 300 lb kid like me", and encourage him to shape up. In a kind way.

Describing Brian as an agent, "There were 300 groups in Liverpool!" (slight exaggeration!) "The Beatles were together for 5 years before him. They were big in Liverpool & Hamburg!"  But Brian was unique.  Unlike Colonel Parker who was famously quoted as saying, "I don't get 50% of what Elvis makes; he gets 50% of what I make for him!"  Managers were sharks, that was the norm.  


Aside from the panel, another issue comes up.  The question of comparison between Brian Epstein and RayBert (Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider) and their effects on their respective groups while they were "in control".  

As Pattie said, and everyone pretty much agreed, the Beatles saw their end in sight with Brian not around to mediate their disagreements.  And the main dividing line of quality, the TV special "33 1/3rd Revolutions Per Monkee" was the first (and sadly not the last) Monkee project of the 60's.  They had been dropped by RayBert in favor of their new pet project (and ultimate goal) "Easy Rider".  RayBert had the strategy of one of those "sharks" from the beginning; does the artistic quality of those later movies excuse their quick exit?

Both groups began to flounder without their manager, their "Fifth".  The Beatles coasted on quality for quite a while before they began to implode.  For the Monkees, the support system collapsed immediately.  

If RayBert were the "Fifth Monkee" (and "Sixth" if you see them as individuals), how would things look if they were still involved in the franchise to this day?

Liverpudlian Panel on Humour!!

Terry Sylvester
Good Ol Freda
Julia Baird-John's half sister
Lord Mayor
Jean Castle
David Bedford-Author of Fab 104 Evolution

"NYC is Liverpool on steroids!!"

We're Talkin About Girls Now Panel

Susan Ryan
Judith Kristen
Candy Leonard

"I Feel Fine"

Ashram Sing Along, 12:45am!!

Darren DeVivo's Panel

Bruce Spizer
Chuck Gunderson
Al Sussman

Taken at 12:30 on the first night!!

Just before Bruce runs out in front, acting out the spinning plate act.

Davy Jones was on that Ed Sullivan show!!

George had 104 temp the day before!

Cameramen got headphones with earmuffs design bc they couldn't hear!!

"Sinatra was at the top of his game! Strangers in the night! And then he did something stupid with his daughter..., that was the name of the song!!"

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beatles Fest 2014

"Dear Prudence" Farrow is speaking in the "Ashram Room", telling her stories about George & John.
Julia Baird, John's half sister!
Allan Tannenbaum
Vivek Tiwary getting Brian Epstein into the RRHoF!!
"Remember what you did to the Cavern!!" sounds like the same cry as "Remember what you did to (the original) Penn Station!"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In Memoriam, Samantha Juste Dolenz

Just posted on Micky's FB Page (approx 9:30pm, EST)

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Samantha Dolenz, today, February 5th, 2014.  She suffered a major stoke on Sunday night whilst asleep and never recovered.
She will be deeply missed by all of her family and friends.
It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Samantha Dolenz, today, February 5th, 2014.
She suffered a major stoke on Sunday night whilst asleep and never recovered. 
She will be deeply missed by all of her family and friends.

From our beloved friends at Psycho Jello:
"Samantha Dolenz was born Sandra Slater on May 31, 1944 in Manchester, England. Sandra was a teen model and originally wanted to be known as just "Samantha" (perhaps she took her cue from Cher?) Anyway, she compromised and became Samantha Juste. Besides modeling, Samantha became a familiar face to teenagers in England by being the disc girl on Top of the Pops in 1964 (she remained the disc girl for more than 3 1/2 years). Top of the Pops was the biggest and best teen music show in England, and during her time on there, she became known as just "Sammy" to her legions of fans. "

That's where Micky saw her, fell deeply in love (or "gleeb" as they termed it).  They married June 12. 1968 (and were divorced in 1975) and their daughter Ami Bluebell Dolenz was born in January of 1969. 

When the Monkees went to England (after their taping of the Paris episode, #54), Micky wrote a song which captured the visit.  The lyrics of "Randy Scouse Git" have introduced & immortalized her for generations of fans.

Naked Persimmon posted this on FB (approx 11pm, 2/5/14) in tribute:

The Being Known As Wondergirl (R.I.P. Samantha Juste-Dolenz)

Today, the world is less brighter and beautiful because Samantha Juste (Dolenz) is no longer in it.

Samantha was mainly known to Monkees fans as the first wife of Micky Dolenz and mother of his first child, daughter Ami. Yet she had a life and career of her own long before Micky entered into the picture. Between working as a “record girl” on Top of the Pops and recording several of her own songs, Samantha was a ’60s U.K. celebrity in her own right.

The first impression that she made on Micky typifies the grace and elegance for which Samantha will always be remembered. From I’m A Believer:

"Micky is being hustled down a gray-green hall by his British adjunct. As he passes the studio cafeteria he glances inside and his eye catches the most unbelievable sight. There, framed in the doorway, is a vision. She is tall, blond, beautiful, and wearing an emerald green outfit that ends up in a short skirt (very short) which tops off her unbelievably gorgeous legs. As he passes by, she looks up. Their eyes meet. She holds his glance briefly, then looks away quickly with that haughty sophistication that only the British can do so well."

It was love at first sight for Micky, and Monkees fans fell in love with Samantha too, then and in the years to come. After moving in with Micky, Samantha brought a level of class and coolness to her Laurel Canyon surroundings that brought the rocking and rolling masses flocking to she and Micky’s home for wild party after wild party. Ever the gracious hostess, Samantha welcomed everyone with open arms (and copious amounts of tasty food and red wine).

Together, Samantha and Phyllis Nesmith were two of the most beloved Monkees wives, whose combined beauty and grace could not and will never be matched. We think of them with fondness and sadness, as today Samantha joins Phyllis—who sadly also passed away in February, in 2010—in the great beyond, and though wherever they are is surely now a wonderful place, our lives are that much drearier that they are gone.

Our hearts are heavy with grief, for it is never easy to say goodbye. Yet we will always remember the being known as wondergirl, and her smile as she played us a record.

Our love to the Girl in the Yellow Dress!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bobby Hart at the Monkees Convention!

Bobby Hart-throb

Our favorite songwriter has just been included in the lineup for the 2014 Monkees Convention, Bobby Hart!

Full details of tonight's announcement as quoted from the Eventbrite email (if you aren't on the list, sign up on the Monkee Convention Website!)

New Guest announcements........................!
First we are very excited to announce Rachel Lichtman
! Rachel Lichtman, the talented director who put together the video show for last year's Monkees concert tour, has a new project: an amazing documentary about Monkees songwriters Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart!

Second we are VERY excited to announce...................................
Andrew Sandoval! Sandoval wrote the 2005 book The Monkees: The Day-by-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation. Mojo magazine said this work was, "...The only Monkees book you need…Essential reading and a poignant primer in how the template was set for today's shooting stars…as close as you'll get to the official word…an engaging document of one of the '60s most important phenomena.”

Last but NOT LEAST...Phyllis Friedman Paganucci

 and Jodi Blau Ritzen
In late 1965, they wrote, produced and performed the soundtrack to the pilot of The Monkees, including singing lead vocals (which were later replaced, once the show was cast). In 1966, despite some conflicts with Don Kirshner, who was the show's musical supervisor, they were retained in essentially the same role. It was Boyce and Hart who wrote, produced and recorded (with the help of their band, the Candy Store Prophets) backing tracks for a large portion of the first season of The Monkees, and the band's accompanying debut album.
The Monkees themselves re-recorded their vocals over Boyce and Hart's when it came time to release the songs, including both "(Theme from) The Monkees" and "Last Train to Clarksville," the latter of which was a huge hit. Kirshner suddenly relieved Boyce and Hart as producers, by claiming they were using studio time booked for Monkees songs to record tracks for their own solo project.
After their departure from the Monkees, and the negative publicity that erupted when word got out that the band hadn't played the instruments on their early records, Boyce and Hart were unsure how the Monkees felt about them personally. Attending one of their concerts, though, the duo were spotted in the audience, and singer Davy Jones invited them onstage, to introduce them: "These are the fellows who wrote our great hits — Tommy and Bobby!" Every original Monkees album (except for the Head soundtrack) included Boyce and Hart songs.

Friday, January 17, 2014

SCHEDULE For Monkees Convention 2014!!

Just got a heads up on the Convention! Full Info on what I got from Here & Now Events:

This is just a preliminary agenda of the weekend of the convention. This does NOT include all the Q and A's or the bands. This is an idea of when the big things are happening. Please note that we are starting the shows earlier due to the amount of entertainment lined up. PLEASE understand performances can change but not altered to a different day.

Friday March 14, 2014
Registration will start at 1pm
Vendor Room will Open at 3pm for VIP 4pm for General Admission.
Ballroom will open at 4pm with entertainment.
6pm Introduction
6:15 Nez Q and A
7:45 Buddy Blanc 
and Romeo Delight with Special Guest Micky Dolenz will perform.

9:15 Circe Link  and Christian Nesmith along with their band take the stage for a full concert.

Saturday March 15, 2014
Registration 10am
10am Vendor Room will open for VIP 

11am for General Admission.
12 Ballroom will open
12:15 Ceremony for the Induction to the American Pop Music Hall of Fame
Micky Dolenz Q & A , Dolenz Daughters Q & A, performances by Jonathan Nesmith

performing songs from Mother of Winter and The Outer Spaces along with his band and Jessica Nesmith.  Coco Dolenz will perform and in the evening Movies of Mind at 9:30.

Sunday March 16, 2014
You can expect Q & A's from the Nesmith family, Circe and Christian will perform, Here we Come stage show, Tribute to Davy, Rare never seen before videos, and special surprises.

All guests WILL be signing autographs all three days. Professional photo ops will be available as well. There will be performances and Q & A's with the special celebrities throughout the weekend.
We hope this will help in deciding which if not all the days you would like to attend the convention.
VIP is only available on line while limited supplies last.
Movies of the Mind is selling out quickly as this holds only 1000 people total.

There will be sign ups for autographs and photos to avoid lines over the next few weeks.
To ensure you have tickets, please order at the official website


Next week, even more surprises await all of you.
Be apart of the Monkumental weekend, one that you will NEVER forget.

We hope you can make it!

Then and Now Events

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Would A Monkee Attend the Conference? Why not?

I hate to send you to a link without a story, so here's a link to Mike's announcement (why does it sound like a slight apology?), what he posted on FB, as posted by the good people at Naked Persimmon:

And if you are following them, you'll also get their reaction, the best of which is also on their Tumblr, and I quote:

"Nez’s first-ever Monkees Convention, the reality is that there is the potential for things to either go really, really, well…or really, really badly. Which way the pendulum swings will be contingent on a number of factors, of course, but should things end up going south, we do not think it will be because of Nez. "

He seems to be acknowledging the "collector community", which personally, he gets.  He feels slightly awkward about being asked for an autograph and feels bad saying no.  I will point out something here that I think NP was SHYING away from *GASP*.

He hasn't publicly discussed how he will approach the "female fan vibe", which I felt permeated the 2013 Convention. That aspect goes beyond the "autograph seeking" and "personal moment" and even the "fan fervor" that accompanied Monkeemania, circa late 1960's.

Which for me begs the question, how much entertainment can a person get being one of the featured acts at a Fan Convention?

How many people want to wait in line for hours for you, for their 5 minutes, photo and autograph-and how do you somehow make a personal connection with them-and help make "whatever their fantasy is" come true?

Difficult job.

Sometimes the applause and money and adulation from random strangers is just not worth it.

****UPDATE 1/12/14****

From "The Real Peter Tork" on Facebook.  The responses to this post are full of fans' support, encouraging him to "take care of himself" and acknowledging his support for his fans in the past.  If anyone has ever been to a Shoe Suede Blues event, he always makes himself available for autographs (more so than any of the others in my experience).

"Regarding the 2014 Monkees Convention and whether or not Peter will attend, Peter currently has a personal scheduling conflict and is not scheduled to participate. If there are any updates to this information, we will post it the moment we hear anything. In the meantime, we ask that you please respect Peter, his friends, family, and your fellow fans. Many thanks for your understanding ~ptfb team"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

MIKE at the Monkees Convention!!!

FINALLY, a dream come true for Conventioneers!!!  I'll see you there!!  At 12 Noon, I got the following in an email.

Then and Now Events Presents
Mike Nesmith will join Micky Dolenz for the 2014 Monkees Convention

For Monkees Fans, this is 49 years in the making! Be a part of history as Mike Nesmith joins Micky Dolenz for his FIRST ever Monkee Convention being held at the Hilton Meadowlands in NJ March 14, 15 and 16th of 2014.

Promoters Phyllis Paganucci and Jodi Blau Ritzen of Then and Now Events have announced that not only will Mike Nesmith be joining Micky Dolenz at the convention, he will also be performing his new show Movies of the MindsSaturday March 15 at 9pm. Tickets are available

This magical weekend will include performances from Micky Dolenz, Coco Dolenz, Christian Nesmith and Circe Link, Jonathan Nesmith, Jessica Nesmith.  Actress Ami Dolenz will be signing copies of her new children’s book and answering a Q and A along with her sisters artist and photographer Emily Dolenz and Micky's youngest daughter actress and business partner in Dolenz & Daughters Fine Furniture Georgia Dolenz.  With all of their families in attendance, The Monkees will also be presented with their awards of induction into the American Pop Music Hall of Fame as voted on by the fans late last year. No celebration would be complete without a special tribute to the late and great Davy Jones. Other guests of the convention who will be greeting fans and signing autographs will be Butch Patrick, Donna Loren, Valerie Venet, Henry Diltz, Gary Stroble, Gary DeCarlo, Geri Reischel, May Pang, Larry Storch, Beatles Artist Shannon, David and Jennifer Alexander, The Monkeemobile and more.

Along with incredible performances from Buddy Blanc’s Romeo Delight with special guest Micky Dolenz, Coco Dolenz will perform, Circe Link performing a full show, Jonathan Nesmith with members of The Outerspaces and Mother of Winter,     The Characters, The Frodis Capers, The Monkeephiles, The 1910 Fruit Gum Co, you can look forward to singing late into the night with fan favorites of last year The Blue Meanies.  Sunday we are excited to present Britton Payne's off broad way show Here We Come~A Monkee Parody.  This show has gotten rave reviews from all who have attended its performances.

There are sure to be surprise performances as well with a lineup of legends like this.

There will be meet and greets opportunities with all of our guests.

A Monkees Memorabilia Market Place will be open as well.

For tickets to the convention and for the tickets to the Movies of the Mind Show starring Mike Nesmith (a limited engagement) and hotel information please visit
 and for updates you can check out the facebook page Monkees Convention.

Note As of now Monkee Peter Tork has a conflicting schedule and is not set to appear.

A very special thanks to our sponsor, John Rose, owner of Cella Bagels, Sky Tan and Jazz Audio located  1198 Middle Country Rd., Selden, New York 11784
(631) 320-1213.

Jodi and Phyllis
Monkees Convention 2014
March 14, 15 and 16th
Sheraton Meadowlands
Be There or Be Square


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