Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Study In Preparation for the Upcoming Show

One of the best ways of doing research for an upcoming performance of ANYTHING is to get into the mood.

If you are headed to see Shakespeare, try to watch a video at home, or maybe even (heaven forbid!) READ the play.  ("Twelfth Night")

If it's opera, listen to it ahead of time, I guarantee the live version will be different and there is little to no way you will"ruin" it for yourself. ("La Boheme")

The first time an audience member sees a show, it's about watching for plot.  The second time, you begin to notice character details, the third, you start catches jokes you missed the first couple times.  Only when you have seen something a million times (or 10, at least) can you really begin to dig into something. ("Monkees in a Ghost Town")

Same with performing.  You can rehearse a scene 10 times before you get it technically right. And THEN you begin to ACT and actually feel it.  When it comes to performing songs, you sing them until you forget them, and then you sing them to bring them back to yourself as discoveries. ("I'm a Believer")

As an audience member, the best thing you can do it to keep your mind and ears clean of old favorites for a long time (a year? 6 months?) Maybe not all of them, but as much as you can.  And then SIT and listen to them all again, to remind yourself of how great they can be. ("St. Matthew", "Me and Magdelena"

The great songs will be worth it.  Aren't we lucky that the entire discography/oeuvre is so rich?

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Mike and Micky Show

Welcome to the Kickoff of the 2-kees performance tour of hlaf of the Monkees, which starts officially in June.

Songs that they both like, and Peter is focused on his latest Blues album
But he has learned to "Never say never".

The article is standard boilerplate press relase:

Note the article screws up the most important date, when exactly it was that Davy died. The article states it was 2/12/12.  Every true Monkee fan knows that Davy died on Leap Day, February 29, 2012, so his fans would only have to remember his death once every 4 years.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

50th Anniversary of the Last Episode

On March 25th, the world heard the final echoes of music from the Monkees TV Show.  The episode called "Mijacogeo" Aka "The Frodis Caper", which is somehow both a reference to Frodo from Lord of the Rings, and also cannibis.

Ironically, the episode starts with the Beatles' "Good Morning, Good Morning" and ends with Tim Buckley's "Song to The Siren".  Running the gamut from first inspirations to where they were at that moment in 1968, a siren song to all the teenagers in America.

You can get a sense of the feelings of the time, should they do something like "Laugh In"? If there was another season, how would the show evolve?  And if they did a movie, what would that be like?  Those and other historical comments can be found at 

The music is still echoing, so they must've done something right.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Relax Your Mind-Peter's New Album

Peter has FINALLY released his amazing new album, Relax Your Mind-Music of Lead Belly.

If you've never been exposed to, or have never really paid attention to the Blues, do yourself a favor and check out PT and Shoe Suede Blues as they interpret these songs.  These songs are a tribute to creating beauty from pain; people who have no hope in their lives literally plucking songs out of thin air.  Making magic for themselves, and creating connection beyond distance, culture, time, across the human spectrum.  Handing someone else their pain, transfigured into the form of music.

Or if you can, seek them out in person (if/when they tour again).  It is transformative.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Wendy Forsythe/Heather North Passed Away

Wendy Forsythe from "The Prince and the Pauper" episode has passed away.  She had voiced Daphne from Scooby Doo until 2003.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

RIP Rose Marie, Wait for Your Laugh

Rose Marie, the 9 decade show biz survivor has passed away (and surpassed us all).

Check out a tribute here:

And check out info for her LATEST movie, Wait for Your Laugh (kid).

She has connections to the Monkees, playing both "The Big Woman" and "Monkee Mother".

Also, her singing Vitaphone short ran with The Jazz Singer.

Who knows about the OTHER connection between the Monkees and the Jazz Singer??

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Micky Lighting the Tree

I wasn't in New York for this, but I LOVE how he (and the Monkees) have become mainstream again!

What is more New York/American/Corny than having a "legendary rock star" at the tree-lighting?

Nothing, man, nuthin.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

NaNoWriMo: Six Degrees, a Literary Journey

A mad dash through the 20th century, the fulcrum of which is a certain series.  Mid 1960's, a collection of everything that had come before, captured on film, 50 years in.
And then, a kid born 10 years after it all started and ended, How it introduced her to everything and everyone, the best kind of introductions, especially when the parents are absent or absent from this culture. 
Everything is a spiderweb, everything is a connection, a neural pathway, dendritic branches of people and stories, lost and irrelevant until activated by their relationships.
Everyone is Six Degrees away.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Monkees as a Good User Experience

The show was designed to be easy on the eyes.  Chock full of visuals and sounds and music and every editing trick yet invented, the pacing is designed to keep the attention of the "young generation".

The show was teaching us to be good consumers, not only of what they were trying to sell us (music and goodies), but also to be good audience members.  What jokes are good to laugh at?  When?  And if you don't get the joke, then you need to figure out what you are missing.

That was the biggest influence on me, it implanted a growing lust of curiosity, for history, for everything around these 4 characters and their beachhouse.  What world were they living in and how much of it was real?  Whether it was real or not didn't matter, it was a tv show and y its very nature, unreal.

It taught me to be aware of the line that tips fiction away from reality, and vice versa.  And to understand when reality is worse than fiction. (Like now)

Sunday, August 20, 2017

#17 Case of the Missing Manchurian Candidate

Last night, TCM showed The Manchurian Candidate.

Sometimes, the events of the world need to swirl into focus for a piece of art/writing/movie to resonate with you. Or to become resonant again.  (I'm a big fan of Henry David Thoreau and his Civil Disobedience is cycling back again into public discourse).

The plot of the 1962 movie has to do with soldiers in Korea who get captured and get brainwashed.  One ends up being a killer who performs on command without conscience.  Frank Sinatra is the hero, Angela Lansbury is the evil "queen".  At one point Frank also mentions "All the King's Horses", but alas-does not break into the song.

A throwaway piece of the plot involves the bad guys checking on the power of the hypnotism.  They essentially kidnap him and offer a cover story to the papers, having him the victim of a hit and run.  The "hospital" they keep him in is a cover.  It's a building for rich alcoholics, but 3 floors of it are reserved for their Communist conspiracies.  A FAKE hospital.

This aside is what they base the whole episode on.  Hospitals can be fake, doctors can be fake. Hypnotism is real.  Evil Communist forces may or may not be real, but they can ultimately be foiled.

The more powerful part of the movie itself has to do with the manipulations of the presidential nomination.  Right before JFK was literally caught in the crosshairs.  And decades before the idea that Russia had anything to do with the 2016 election.  Whatever side you are on, watch the movie and see what other items this particular movie may have suggested to the public imagination.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Infinite Tuesdays on a Thursday

I'd like to recommend a trend here.

Of Mks Fans who do graduate work, or get their PhDs, and then continue a fascination with the Mks, but on a higher level.  (If you are "way too educated" to still be a fan, no worries, there are plenty of us here!! I have 2 Masters Degrees)

I'd recommend this review of Infinite Tuesday by Fandom Lenses, by a PhD.:

I'm not sure when I will get through the book, and this is an interesting reaction from a fan.

(Books find you at the moment you need them.  This book has not found me yet.)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ann Moses, MEOW!!

I'm VERY excited to receive Ann Moses' new book, called (perfectly) MEOW!!  I just ordered my AUTOGRAPHED copy and cannot wait for it to arrive!

She's spent a career interviewing the hippest bands of the 1960's for Tiger Beat, the envy of almost every former teenage girl.

I wonder if the excitement was always there for her, or if she got used to it? What details did she notice, what stories does she have to tell that haven't already been published?

Was there a different story, other than the one of glamour?  I would love to see a pastiche of details, where she met up with everyone.  Conversations beyond their favorite color.

Does she know about the book "I Think I Love You" by Allison Pearson?  It's fiction, but still.

How did she get where she got?

What are the questions she WISHED she could've asked?

Did she become friends with any of her subjects?  Why or why not? (Was it a professionalism thing, or too much of a good thing?)

How does she explain the screaming teenage girls?  Why is that an ongoing phenomenon?

I have so many questions!! :)

Sunday, May 28, 2017


This brave (cowardly?) new world gets more complex.

Monday night, 22 people were killed at a concert. Including an 8 yr old girl. By a 22 year old man (kid?)

At an Ariana Grande concert, but if the terror wanted to strike preteen girls, it could have just as easily been The Beatles in 1964, (or the Monkees).

Or the next concert you go to. 

The 8 year old girl haunts me. She haunts the 8 year old me, and the grown woman I am that she will never become. 

Davy was from Manchester, an immigrant jockey/entertainer who came to America and was assimilated into a "Cowboy". A smiling nod at the truth.

All the girls screaming, their throats sore from screaming in happiness at music. 

The trauma & re-traumatizing of the original audience, and the viewers at home.

And lest you think this is about the terrorism of the moment, 1968 was a year of death & assassinations. It just gets edited out.  

But now you understand why they included that shot of a Vietnamese soldier getting killed in HEAD. It was as "popular" then on TV as the Zapruder film.

The media is the message. Everything is more immediate now, including the context of history.

Never forget.  Never forget that this is not new.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Where is Love?" Baby Davy

If you have a craving to hear Davy as a VERY young singer, here are a nice couple of songs from "Oliver!".

Where is Love & Consider Yourself

He sounds like he is 12!!

And by the way, both have become Broadway standards, recorded & rerecorded by MANY young hopefuls!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Micky & Coco At 54 Below, 3/24/17

Consensus was that Coco is the better performer. 

But that there also might be bias bc we've all seen so much of Micky. Maybe too much. 

Or never enough?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Order of Shows

After getting distracted with life, I was triggered to watch an episode.
(One leads to many, like potato chips or laughter)

I was shoveling. And while shoveling, I think of snow. And how much I dislike shoveling. And how I am forced to focus on my yard. And how my yard looks free of snow, especially in the spring & summer. 

And Summer= Monkees.

I was debating watching the whole series in alphabetical order, like the Monkee Magic book. But it seemed WRONG. For me at least. As a format of a book, it helps it for reference.

I also thought of watching in REVERSE order. But that also seemed wrong. Altjough, perhaps a challenge.  It might be fun to see them all growing gradually more innocent. 

But I am biased to the network cycle. A gradual circle, where their hair begins smooth and shiny, like Beatles ripoffs. And then everything becomes more complex, especially the scene structures.

Lately, I've just been skipping around. Seeking out the shows that I have a craving for, or that I think I haven't seen in a while. Last week, I wanted to watch Ruth Buzzi bc I've been watching Laugh In. Then Success Story because I can't remember the last time I watched it (a good thing-I like forgetting & being reacquainted) Then Machine, bc I work with too many computers. And it's fun to see computers as babies. Or at least as their primitive caveman versions.

I know that I've seen the entire series at least twice every summer of my life, from age 5 to age 17. And once I got it in DVD, I must've watched those versions at least 5 times. And there was a time when I was watching online. That's another round.

Never enough.  Like Shakespeare, I keep seeing new things. If anything, it's hard for me to get through an entire episode without stopping to look up an obscure reference. It's a huge Thing for me, really. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What year is this?

The year of the Monkey/Monkee is over, and now we are in the year of the Rooster, according to the Asian  Lunar New Year.

But we now seem to be embroiled in a new nation. "Making it great again" with nazi slogans and unconstitutional bans on Muslims.

What year are we in? 1968? With all those protests & marches and the country fighting for Civil Rights.

Or are we in 1939? Awaiting a giant world war.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Roaring Twenties= A La Carte

There is a scene from the movie, "The Roaring Twenties" (1939, starring James Cagney and Humprey Bogart-1st degree!!) in which an Italian mob hit involves a shootout in a restaurant. Hiding under checkered tablecloths.

Purple Gang: operated out of Detroit 1910s-1932. Jewish bootleggers & hijackers.

BTW: October 29,1929, Black Tuesday. 16.5 Million shares change hands in a single day" As of 2014, the average was 5.7 billion shares.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Coco comes to NYC!!

Coco will be performing at 54 Below ... and so, by relativity, keep the Monkee spirit performing. 

Here she is from 2014, doing Different Drum at BB King's (where I first met Micky).  

The final Monkee concerts are too final to contemplate.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Final Shows (?)

These days we are coming to the end of the 2016 tour.

A few weeks ago was a Shoe Suede Blues Fan Party in Maryland (I couldn't go)

So many goodbyes (again)

And then Davy's Church burned to the ground.....

Sad, but we all have the sense they will be with us always. Beyond this earth, beyond music, beyond our imaginings.

They have been born again so many times after they have slipped away from us.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Nez's Last Show

There was much debate about the end of Nez's performing as a Monkee. One main question was "Does this mean the end of The Guys?"

And then Peter had a family emergency. And Nez filled in.

September 16 was the 50th anniversary of the first show. Around the same time as Mike's last performance.

Full circle, indeed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

MDolenz Hour Interview

Some notes from the great interview above!

You can hear Micky talk about remembering the audition.
4 different pilots about Music:
Surfing Band (Beach Boy)
Peter, Paul & Mary: "The Happeners" (went to Pilot, must exist somewhere!!)
Randy Sparks, Mighty Wind
"The Monkeys"
Biff, Bill, Joe, Frank+character roles
He knew the security guard, cameraman Irving Lippman, the schoolteacher!

Marx Bros, Jerry Lewis, Donald OConnor
Will Rogers
Remember them Screening Marx Bros, Laurel & Hardy, very specifically they did NOT 3 STOOGES "We don't want it to go there. Never gonna hit each other, never gonna make fun of each other,"
One for all, All for one
Julie Newmar was the closest to jealousy
Marx Bros more than Beatles "Day at the Races"
Touch of Monty Python-preceding it, wearing drag
Old Hollywood & Marx Bros did it all the time

Which episode do you remember shooting?
All in order
It's all the same episode, it's 52 half hours of 25 half hours
I remember PEOPLE, Julie Newmar, Stan Freberg (History of US), Rose Marie, Hans Conreid
& Crew
Comedy NOT TOPICAL & NOT satirical!!
vs Laugh In
(TOO on-topic, "have to have watched the news that week to get the references")
Written for 14 year olds
Worked on a couple of different levels
Devil & PT
(Also Frodis)
>>>WORDS YOU can't say on Network TV, George Carlin
MD: We were never successful, it was about the "struggle"
Everyone was "trying" to be the Beatles
TV show about a band who wanted to be the Beatles
(and went off the air when they became it, HEAD was the nightmare inversion of it)
Driving around happened during lunch, we need B-roll footage
Bob Rafelson-singlehandedly
He was a roadie for a Folk Group???
Lightning in a Bottle> You can't take it apart only because of one element (can't reduce it to a formula)
Bob Showed Mike "A Face in the Crowd" & said that was what would happen
"Masters of their own Destiny"-NBC was worried & wanted a Manager, tested badly & nobody could tell the boys apart
(reinforce the ID of each boy, you could cheer when you saw the printed word of their name)
"I don't know where they got the money for Easy Rider"

How did HEAD feel filming vs the tv show?
As different as you can get
Rather than make a 90 minute episode of the Monkees
which would have been QUITE commercially successful
Jack Nicholson,  we all fell madly in love with him, so charming & charismatic
He went away & crafted the marvelous script

Andrew Sandoval & John Hughes come up
Rosanne Welch asks the first question, can I give you my book?
The actors got with the flow, cast bc of spontaneity & improvisational nature
Caused problems, created environment, "Nuclear Fission" radioactive material, MUST contain it
Juggled between letting us bounce off the walls
Improv exercises, they encouraged us, "Whaddya got?"
When there was another actor, we tried to pull back bc the other actors were doing their lines
What was your favorite episode?
I don't remember them as episodes?
Remember some scenes a little bit, so fast, so intense
Don't film the episodes in order
Start on Monday-Wed, Thurs-Fri-Mon, a few days off
A revolving door of other people & costume changes
Bob had toured in the 50's, met Schneider
Event where they showed HEAD, Bert said he was a big Monkees fan
Jacki Cooper was a big supporter
Goin Down in Blu Ray, 35mm film elements

"We SAW THE BEATLES at Dodger Stadium" 44:22 (in NYC!) (Aug 28, 1966)
Learned how to hit my leg & snare at same time bc couldn't hear the snare drum (still plays that way)
Peter carried Pete Seeger's autograph in his wallet for decades bc such a big fan
Hey, I did a movie about you (That Thing You Do)
"It must be summer">> Such a Monkees song!  Do a cover of it (Adam Schesinger's song)
Rivers loves writing to instruction

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lynn Thigpen and Bobo Lewis Foundation Still Remembered

Bobo Lewis is the incredible Miss Chomsky in Find the Monkees (#19).  Her character was not played as written, but BETTER.  Lewis is one of those legendary actresses who is quietly and persistently talented. We are lucky to have her performances on the Monkees, Bewitched and even Shining Time Station.

She worked on a Broadway version of Studs Terkel's Working, which is where she met up with Lynne Thigpen, an incredible Tony winning African American actress whose face is very familiar to anyone who has been paying attention.  (She passed away suddenly)

Lynne Thigpen had Bobo Lewis as her mentor, and they put the idea into the world as an ongoing mentorship program (which happens anyway, informally or not).  It was one of those great NYC Theater stories that now exists as a ghost on the internet.  It was announced in 2005, and hasn't quite survived.

I did some research and found a number for the Foundation.  And called.

I had a lovely conversation with Lynne's husband and was happy to be able to conjure up these lovely women for a few moments.

Meanwhile, later that night, Carole King handed a Tony Award to Lin Manuel Miranda for HAMILTON and he read the following poem for LOVE and against the horrible events of Orlando this morning, and death in general.

My wife's the reason anything gets done. 
She nudges me towards promise by degrees. 
She is a perfect symphony of one, our son is her most beautiful reprise. 
We chase the melodies that seem to find us  
until they're finished songs and start to play. 
When senseless acts of tragedy remind us 
that nothing here is promised, not one day. 
This show is proof that history remembers. 
We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. 
We rise and fall and light from dying embers. 
Remembrances that hope and love live longer. 
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. 
As sacred as a symphony, Eliza tells her story and fills the world with music love and pride.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Pictures from 50 Years Ago

Nice drum logo. Maybe you should try a different shape?

California? What could they be talking about?

The view from the back porch of the pad.  Nice tree. Maybe you should water it, guys!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Concert on Release Day!!

Shameless joy.

Cool poster! 

The venue, the Wilbur in Boston.

The full band during "She Makes Me Laugh"

Peter giving the mic to a little girl during "Daydream Believer"

And the set list went home with one of these lucky girls!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Latest Videos

You bring the summer was released a tad bit early.

And last week, She Makes Me Laugh!!


Friday, April 29, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When one of our sisters passes on ....

The FB community of Monkee fan family has certain rules & ways to respect & honor each other. Someone posted pics from a friend who passed on, with a STRONG warning not to share. I was wondering about this tradition & why it is so important to give credit, esp when it comes to Monkee photos.

Something sacred seems to be photos especially. Those taken by someone brings them ownership to the photos. Photos are meant to be shared, and seen, and credit is of utmost importance.

Photos taken at concerts, or book signings or other events are "private". Even if they are performing in a giant arena & in full view of everyone. 

ie If pictures get "shared" on FB, without proper credit, it is a VERY big deal. (It's never happened to me, but I've witnessed it!!)

Friendships have deteriorated by people "sharing" photos without attribution or permission. (As in "If the photo is not yours, don't pretend it is") As if someone is trying to steal the credit, the image and the moment.

I've been wondering about this deeply, and I feel like each photo is just like a "private" moment caught by the photographer. Beyond that, when they get viewed afterwards (or in the old days "developed") they are personal memories. "Captured" by the photographer her/himself. A way to get some privacy in the midst of this giant phenomena. (Nothing weird or sexual implied here, honestly, it just seems like a way to carve out a distinct piece. And explains the strong sense of ownership)

Do other people feel this way?  Does this sound true, or completely off the wall?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

30 Years Ago Today! MTV Monkee Marathon!

On February 23, 1986, MTV brought back the most beloved show in history (not that I'm biased).

They showed all 58 episodes in a row, which is a mind boggling journey, not just through 1966 to 1968.  All the bits and pieces bring together American History, Vaudeville, Hollywood and American music evolution. And that's just a superficial viewing.

The original (grainy) commercial for it may entice you to begin binge watching!  Is it just the old videotape, or did TV really look like that in 1986?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Show of 50th Annual Reunion Tour Announced

If Micky is on stage & invites Peter up, does it count as a first reunion tour concert for 2016? 

This happened last night, January 16,2016.
The other announcement:
January 30 in Louisiana. Peter & Micky.

No other events/performers announced.  (i.e. NO FULL TOUR ANNOUNCED AS OF YET)

Who is wondering if there will be more? (I know I am!!)
Picture courtesy of Facebook by way of:
>>Jennifer Schrinel
>>Carl Tapia

Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Bowie's Homage to Uncle Floyd (Vivino)

The following is written by our talented Guest Blogger "Mary Mary" Ciuffitelli and was first published for Malia Collective.  She brings together David Bowie (nee David Jones), Jimmy Durante and Uncle Floyd.

Rest in Peace David Bowie, who I just discovered recorded a song in tribute to NJ Italian-American icon Floyd Vivino. 
This bit of news came via Some of you know that, for me, all roads lead to The Monkees. I especially love the points where The Monkees and Italia meet. There are so many. Like, Micky’s dad was an Italian-born Hollywood actor. Or that The Monkees once sang a comic “Mussolini We’re with You.”   "I got a million of ‘em," to quote Jimmy Durante — who handed them their Emmy in 1967.
So here’s this winding road: David Bowie, born David Jones, changes his name in the 1960s so as not to be confused with gigantic pop star David Jones of The Monkees. In the 1970s, Bowie becomes a huge fan of the Uncle Floyd TV show, watching episodes with fellow fans Iggy Pop and John Lennon at the Dakota. In 1981, he attends Uncle Floyd's live appearance at the Bottom Line and later records the song "Slip Away” paying  tribute. 
I wasn’t familiar with the song, but its quintessential Bowie. Been listening to the playlist on Youtube. Haunting.
RIP David Bowie 

Oogie knew there's never ever time
Some of us will always stay behind
Down in space it's always 1982
The joke we always knew
What'sa matter with you
C'mon, let's go
Slip away
Songfacts: the song’s story and lyrics

David Bowie: The Other David Jones  by Fred Velez on Monkees.Net  January 11,2016 
“Bowie was very friendly and charming and was thrilled to be at the club as an Uncle Floyd fan enjoying the show with the rest of us. Bowie later recorded the song Slip Away as a tribute to Uncle Floyd.” 

"Slip Away” video: This version includes photo of Uncle Floyd with Sicilian-American Cyndi Lauper. Though there are other beautiful versions of Bowie in live performances, mentioning the show.

Live performance with projected clips of the show, lyrics, and a shout out to Floyd:

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

International Monkees Day!!

Welcome, yet again, to the best Monkee day of the year!

Even Rhino is celebrating!

Both Davy and Mike were born on this day, and the BEST way to celebrate is by listening to Monkee records/8 Tracks/cassettes/iTunes/mp3s-whatever you've got.

You can take a trip into the past as you are preparing for the New Year.  Clean out the old thoughts, closets, Xmas party favors, whatever.  Spend some time with your past as you prepare for your future!

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Big Man" quote

Vic Mature was in a movie called Kiss of Death. 

His character is a jailbird, trying to go straight. He meets Richard Widmark when they are handcuffed together on the train to Sing Sing.

At the end of the movie, they reunite. His friend keeps making fun of him.

"The Big Man"

Like Rosemarie, The Big Woman!

Don't forget that it was Vic Mature who gets the vacuum to the HEAD and the Monkees get sucked up like so much dandruff.

It's a great old Hollywood movie that shows who VM was when he was just a little older than the Monkees.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Movies which Inspired Episodes #2 and #46

Here's a two-fer.

I was watching TCM, always a great source of offbeat Hollywood.

Monkee See, Monkee Die, #2, written by Treva Silverman
One movie, based off of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians, "And Then There Were None"(1945), is the (semi)classic tale of 10 people being invited to a desert island, by an unknown host.  They are all to be killed, according to a nursery rhyme, and to give full credit to the villain, all are thought to have gotten away with murder in the first place.  Note the mansion on an island setting, mysterious overnighting in a haunted mansion, a record of the departed indicating his will.  And lots of other spookiness besides.
More Monkee-specific trivia can be found at the Tripod site, which did a lot to contribute to the Trivia Screens on the box set DVD release.

Monkees on the Wheel, #46, written by Coslough Johnson
The other, in which Warren Beatty plays a playboy named Barney Lincoln (??), "Kaleidoscope" (1966).  It's not a remarkable film, except for the elements of the zeitgeist it uses. The cute & riveting Susannah York adds to the influence of pretty girls in sparkly outfits and boas, (as well as mod outfits). Clever dialogue (not enough for me), mod clothes, and the suspense of gambling are the lynchpins.  Also some random plot about cheating at cards and getting caught, tables turning, etc.  Also note the corny (almost Batman-like) scene segues, and "60's-Oriental" sound cues. There is a gunshot which richochets off a large globe, making it spin.  It's not a direct influence, and may also be playing off the idea of the fantasy playboy/gambler life which explores all the fun someone can have if you just have the right method (see Peter's sliderule explanation).
The Tripod entry can be found here.
"Will the REAL---- please stand up?" is a phrase taken from "What's My Line?", the format of which would be staged in a Monkees episode and was used in this movie.  Everything was available to be stolen! ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Obituary for Edward Hoh, Drummer

Fast Eddie Hoh was a larger than life character and was known for doing the best, most intricate riffs on songs like "PVS", "Star Collector" and "Goin Down".  He was keeping time with and for a lot of great groups.

Melanie Mitchell includes a memory from Peter (taken from a comment on FB): I always think of Peter's comment on The Devil and Peter Tork, when there's a particularly intricate fill (I think that's the term) near the end of Salesman. "You know Micky did not play that drum lick," he said. "Almost certainly Fast Eddie Hoh." Which it was.

(Below taken from his online obit and reprinted here in case it gets taken down.)

Life Legacy

Edward “Fast Eddie” Hoh, age 71, passed away Saturday, November 07, 2015 in Westmont, IL. An American rock drummer who was active in the 1960s. He played the drums on several well-known rock songs and albums, including those by Donovan and the Monkees. He also performed at the seminal 1967 Monterey Pop Festival as a member of the Mamas and the Papas touring band. In 1968, he participated in the recording of Super Session, the highly successful 1968 Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Stephen Stills collaboration album. Hoh first became known around 1964 on the Los Angeles club circuit as a drummer for the Joel Scott Hill groups the Strangers and the Invaders. Hill recorded several singles and the Strangers were an opening act for the 1964 T.A.M.I. Show, headlined by the Rolling Stones and James Brown. His flurry of activity came to an end by the early 1970s and has since remained out of the public eye. Services and Interment will be private. Info Knollcrest Funeral Home, 630-932-1500

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Newly Discovered Footage!!

From Andrew Sandoval, the official archaeologist of The Monkees!

He mentions that the restoration will include a $300k investment, the largest in the show since 1968.

Exactly how much have those tours been pulling in? And why does the above amount seem so small in comparison?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SSB Fan Party at Club 66 and Sellersville, PA

See the Facebook page for pictures and a few videos taken of the performance at the Fan party.

A few of us were afraid it might be the LAST time this group gets together.  Everyone seemed to be complaining (more) about how long a drive it was, how hard to coordinate.  Even the fans seem to think they are "getting too old for this". Actual quote.  The last time SSB played was last year, for a Thanksgiving gig.  (And the Sellersville gig was a bit rusty, but the next two were AMAZING). They sound better when they've rehearsed in front of an audience.

Next year is the 50th anniversary of the BAND. Maybe everyone will have to save their energy for that...

Monday, August 31, 2015

Concerts of the Twokees

Jodi has been creating a whole new sisterhood and I don't envy her for a minute.

Some people are born mean girls.
Others couldn't care less. You have to choose sides somehow.

And then there is, do I go to see this version or wait and hope for a reunion tour next year (50th!). How much to spend on this?

Just think, there will be generations who will watch the show and never even live at the same time!

All the surprise of DJ dying, but everyone has to at some point....

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monkee Fan Gathering, June 4th, 2016 in NJ

Hey Hey, Everyone!!

Jodi Lyn is at it again!!

She wants us all to gather together-with a year's notice-(thank you!!) to celebrate the 50th anniversary for 2016.  It's a low-cost, low commitment, HIGH FUN gathering.  It's a great deal, especially if you are on the East Coast with a car.

The Boys are not expected to be there-but sometimes it's less crazy that way (don't throw tomatoes at me!)

Biggest MonkeeWalk Ever-haven't you ever wanted to be part of one that includes all your Monkeefan friends?? I have!

Also, a screening of HEAD.


To quote from the post of the website below-part of the MonkeesConvention2014 website:

Monkee Jam June 4, 2016 PRE SALE

$26.50 $36.50
Calling ALL Monkees fans. Join us for an all day Monkee Jam Saturday June 4, 2016 from 10am to 10pm.
Music, trivia, games, food, vendors and fun.
6pm Help make HISTORY for the Monkees 50th anniversary by joining us for the BIGGEST MONKEES WALK EVER MADE!!
8pm Screening of HEAD under the stars!
This will be held on a farm (outside) picnic style. Bring blankets, chairs, umbrellas....
The city is ATCO NJ with more to come on hotel information for those who need it.
More announcements in the coming weeks.  ONE DAY ONLY!
This is the presale price of $26.50 dollars.  Tickets will go up to $36.50 starting July 4th.
Tickets will not be mailed, names will be on a list when you arrive.
We DO NOT promise the Monkees are involved in the event so do not base your involvement on this.  Come to celebrate fun with great friends. 

Here's what the full link looks like!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bobby Hart & Psychedelic Bubble Gum

I was lucky enough to catch a mention about Bobby Hart doing a presentation at Steinway in MidTown NYC, on a day when I'd actually be in town.

I figured it would be an author appearance with music.  As I entered through the main door, I was surprised to find Bobby Hart & his co-writer, Glenn Ballantyne, jumping up to greet me.  I never expected the writer of some of the best songs of the 20th century to be such a kind & warm soul!

Going upstairs to the performance space, I was delighted to find such an intimate room.

I felt like I had a front row ticket to see Martha Argerich or Vladimir Horowitz play piano!! 

Pretty soon, he was talking & playing & even got Glenn & his wife, Mary Ann, up to sing, "Hurts So Bad". Of course, it's familiar from Little Anthony & the Imperials, but it sounded like one of those songs that is imbedded in your mind. Something in the very air around you since you were a child.  Hearing it played by the guy who first heard it was incredible.

Of course, lots of questions about the Monkees (he thought Don Kirschner was a good guy!!) and lots of Monkee memorabilia abounded.

(Not my collection, unfortunately, brought by one of The Brothers)

The day made this MonkeeGirl very happy!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Davy Jones' Locker and other Auction Items

Here is another chapter in the ongoing story of Davy's Memorabilia.  The Jones daughters held an auction, sharing all sorts of things with the public.  (Imagine cleaning out your parent's house-something that we all will have to go through, if we haven't already!)

So much stuff to love.  But where to keep it all in your modern life?

When it was first announced, it was a hot debate.  Why wouldn't The Girls want to keep it all? Why are they making money off of his name?

The answer lies in the legacy.  Share it all with others.

News is that all the items quickly went up in price and very few things were in the "affordable" range.

Much love to the family who gave, and still give, so much to all the fans.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fan Buys Beavertown Memorial!!

Cathy Whitehead actually bought Davy's church!!!

Her husband died around the same time that Davy did and she needs a new place, to live and to also work on.  She has a marvelous spirit and seems so excited about it!

If you find yourself in Pennsylvania any time soon, swing by and help her clean the church up & build the Monkee Museum!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Peter & Micky In Palm Springs!

They are performing as we speak; well, as I write. Beginning a new tour! 

Rumor has it that Micky was at a performance of Fish in The Dark this week! Broadway boy that he is! ;)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Davy Jones Forever

It took us all by surprise.

"Leave it to Davy to die on a day that only comes around once every 4 years! He only wanted people to be happy!"

I heard this from the stage at Beavertown a few days into March, 2012, after Davy's untimely passing. Later that day, there was a march from the stage in the center of town to the church that he had purchased for a Monkee museum. We left mementos on the steps. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shoe Suede Blues In Bordentown 11/29/14!

Peter and Joe Boyle and Sturgis and Lauren!  Stellar lineup for this *rare* concert.

And the old gang in the audience.

Listen to some of his music here.

Nothing more for me to say, except that I was not there. Which was actually fine. I'm glad he's still making music.  But driving down to Maryland was too much for me to imagine.  And I am happy.

I hope everyone reading this is too. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SSB on November 29th

After a LONG period of silence . . .

Shoe Suede Blues MAY just be playing a gig!

See the Facebook Announcement below.

That's as official as it gets now, folks.

Tune in for more info!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Micky at Mohegan Sun

Micky played Mohegan Sun last night, Coco and the usual suspects in tow.

Facebook is full of great pics today.

Does he know that Shoe Suede Blues played there a few years ago?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nez Touched and Surprised

Nez posted this on his FB page.  Because someone bought tickets AND paid $250 for EACH Meet & Greet!!

I personally know SEVERAL people who have done this for a variety of the other members.  It's not all that unusual. Getting a shout-out is more unusual.  It's good to know that he appreciates it.  (And what about all the other people who don't have the time or $$ to do it, but would LOVE to have the opportunity?  What about THEIR dedication?  Is it only revealed in $$?)

My solo tour kicks off tomorrow at the Stagecoach Festival in Coachella Valley, then up the coast and ending in Portland.
Something unique and special has happened for this tour that I want to share.
I have been thinking about the right way to post this in a public forum because I want to share it with you without divulging anything private about who is involved
Someone has bought tickets and a conversation reception pass for every single show.
That means they will be at every show, and after every one, will have a short chat with me one-on-one, and I will sign whatever they would like, and we will take pictures together – the usual meet and greet activity.
Astounding. The time and resource put into this amazes me.
The cost of the tickets.
The cost of the Conversation Reception pass.
The cost of the travel.
The cost of the time.
The unqualified support.
I won’t tell you who it is.
That is very much their own business, and I would never want that made public in any case, but I have to publically acknowledge this level of dedication somehow.
I am so grateful for it, and genuinely touched by it.
These kinds of tours– the small venues and clubs – for this kind of show, are rare because they are very hard to mount at this level. Getting musicians of this caliber in a small venue is almost impossible. It’s why Symphony orchestras need such support from the communities they serve.
On a tour like this all the money that comes in goes to the production. I take no money, and in this particular case even the musicians and crew have taken reduced fees to bring this show on the road.
It is, above all, a labor of love and an encouragement of growth and expansion.
What we love is the performance moment -- the live performance where everyone is at the same place at the same time experiencing their own individualized sense of a collective consciousness.
It is real nourishment for everyone who participates.
That is why the support of someone like our “patron” who gives so completely is very important and worthy of the deepest gratitude. Not just from me and the band and crew but everyone who is benefited by it.
Just to know that we connect at all is enough to sustain us, but to feel such loyalty brings a feast of gratitude from all of us.
There is much that can be said here, but suffice to say “Thank you” to our hidden benefactor for such a display of affection.
It is a thank you straight from our heart and it needs to be said publicly.
You are one of those extraordinary people out there who support so willingly and never assume anything other than the enjoyment of their own commitment.
You are a lesson to us. You are one of our best reasons to do this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lobby Sing Along!!

Monkee Fan Interviews!!

We are conducting 5 minute video interviews at our table!

We ask Fans about their first encounters with the Monkees, how they met Monkee friends, profound moments on how they connect with the music and anything else they want to say!!

Please come by and share your memories!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monkee Fan Archive!!

As a way to celebrate the Monkee Fan Experience, we are hosting a table at the Monkee Convention 2014 where we invite Fans to contribute their favorite Monkee moments and histories. The Monkee Fan experience is different from that of any other music group, television show, movie or legend.

We at "Six Degrees of Monkees" want to create an online Fan Archive to include personal histories and stories.  We have created a series of questions, where you can record your experiences.  Everything is ANONYMOUS, so be honest but please share only what you feel comfortable with.

 Click here to contribute your stories to the Monkee Fan Archive.

We would love to compile these responses and may publish quotes on our website and on our Facebook group (etc.)  By contributing here, you are consenting to let us use your words as part of the Monkee Fan Archive.

Alternatively, if you have more to say and would like to contribute to the conversation personally, please comment on the site or find us on Facebook. We are also filming videos of interviews with fans; if you are interested in contributing in that form, please contact us on the blog by commenting!

Again, thank you very much for contributing and sharing great Monkee vibes with other Fans!


The full link is here:

Monkees Convention 2014 Eve!!

We hope that you are all as excited as we are that MonkeeCon is finally here!!

Okay, it starts tomorrow, but this feels just like waiting for Christmas to arrive.

If you are attending, please feel free to stop by our booth & chat with us.

We are planning a great surprise!!

P.S. If you can't be there in person, check out the Live Feed from

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Peter will be at the Convention!

The following was posted on Facebook and sent out via email:

A Message from The REAL Peter Tork Facebook Page.
BIG NEWS!!!! Yes, you heard right…. Peter has been able to shift his other commitments to be able to attend part of the Monkees Convention!!! Peter will be there for a LIMITED time, and will be signing autographs onSaturday, March 15 at 2:00pm - 5:00pm ONLY. Peter is very excited that his schedule will now allow him to stop by the convention, even if only for this short time. Peter and his team ask that fans please understand and be aware that Peter will want to try and see as many fans as possible during his short time at the convention. We ask that you please be considerate to your fellow fans so that all may have a chance to say hi to Peter. Enjoy & have a great time at the convention! ~ptfb team
Now if you have not been convinced this will be the most amazing weekend ever, we need to retire. 
Don't forget, we have Micky performing Friday, The America's Pop Music Hall of Fame Induction Saturday Morning then Movies of the Mind at night.
Peter Saturday afternoon.  We have the screenings of the NEW Boyce and Hart Movie, WOOOOOOOO. 
Just a reminder, VIP tickets get you in 1 hour prior to lines and gives you assigned seating, VIP will NOT be available at the door.  Tickets purchased day of at the door WILL be 10 dollars more.  We do have tickets available to Nez's Movies of the Minds show Saturday eve.  Remember those tickets are NOT included in admission.
We told you Historic, We told you Monkumental and we meant it.
Check the schedule at the website.


Get your tickets, see the guests and schedule 

Jodi and Phyllis
Monkees Convention 2014
March 14, 15 and 16th
Sheraton Meadowlands
Be There or Be Square


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