Thursday, July 20, 2017

Infinite Tuesdays on a Thursday

I'd like to recommend a trend here.

Of Mks Fans who do graduate work, or get their PhDs, and then continue a fascination with the Mks, but on a higher level.  (If you are "way too educated" to still be a fan, no worries, there are plenty of us here!! I have 2 Masters Degrees)

I'd recommend this review of Infinite Tuesday by Fandom Lenses, by a PhD.:

I'm not sure when I will get through the book, and this is an interesting reaction from a fan.

(Books find you at the moment you need them.  This book has not found me yet.)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ann Moses, MEOW!!

I'm VERY excited to receive Ann Moses' new book, called (perfectly) MEOW!!  I just ordered my AUTOGRAPHED copy and cannot wait for it to arrive!

She's spent a career interviewing the hippest bands of the 1960's for Tiger Beat, the envy of almost every former teenage girl.

I wonder if the excitement was always there for her, or if she got used to it? What details did she notice, what stories does she have to tell that haven't already been published?

Was there a different story, other than the one of glamour?  I would love to see a pastiche of details, where she met up with everyone.  Conversations beyond their favorite color.

Does she know about the book "I Think I Love You" by Allison Pearson?  It's fiction, but still.

How did she get where she got?

What are the questions she WISHED she could've asked?

Did she become friends with any of her subjects?  Why or why not? (Was it a professionalism thing, or too much of a good thing?)

How does she explain the screaming teenage girls?  Why is that an ongoing phenomenon?

I have so many questions!! :)

Sunday, May 28, 2017


This brave (cowardly?) new world gets more complex.

Monday night, 22 people were killed at a concert. Including an 8 yr old girl. By a 22 year old man (kid?)

At an Ariana Grande concert, but if the terror wanted to strike preteen girls, it could have just as easily been The Beatles in 1964, (or the Monkees).

Or the next concert you go to. 

The 8 year old girl haunts me. She haunts the 8 year old me, and the grown woman I am that she will never become. 

Davy was from Manchester, an immigrant jockey/entertainer who came to America and was assimilated into a "Cowboy". A smiling nod at the truth.

All the girls screaming, their throats sore from screaming in happiness at music. 

The trauma & re-traumatizing of the original audience, and the viewers at home.

And lest you think this is about the terrorism of the moment, 1968 was a year of death & assassinations. It just gets edited out.  

But now you understand why they included that shot of a Vietnamese soldier getting killed in HEAD. It was as "popular" then on TV as the Zapruder film.

The media is the message. Everything is more immediate now, including the context of history.

Never forget.  Never forget that this is not new.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Where is Love?" Baby Davy

If you have a craving to hear Davy as a VERY young singer, here are a nice couple of songs from "Oliver!".

Where is Love & Consider Yourself

He sounds like he is 12!!

And by the way, both have become Broadway standards, recorded & rerecorded by MANY young hopefuls!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Micky & Coco At 54 Below, 3/24/17

Consensus was that Coco is the better performer. 

But that there also might be bias bc we've all seen so much of Micky. Maybe too much. 

Or never enough?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Order of Shows

After getting distracted with life, I was triggered to watch an episode.
(One leads to many, like potato chips or laughter)

I was shoveling. And while shoveling, I think of snow. And how much I dislike shoveling. And how I am forced to focus on my yard. And how my yard looks free of snow, especially in the spring & summer. 

And Summer= Monkees.

I was debating watching the whole series in alphabetical order, like the Monkee Magic book. But it seemed WRONG. For me at least. As a format of a book, it helps it for reference.

I also thought of watching in REVERSE order. But that also seemed wrong. Altjough, perhaps a challenge.  It might be fun to see them all growing gradually more innocent. 

But I am biased to the network cycle. A gradual circle, where their hair begins smooth and shiny, like Beatles ripoffs. And then everything becomes more complex, especially the scene structures.

Lately, I've just been skipping around. Seeking out the shows that I have a craving for, or that I think I haven't seen in a while. Last week, I wanted to watch Ruth Buzzi bc I've been watching Laugh In. Then Success Story because I can't remember the last time I watched it (a good thing-I like forgetting & being reacquainted) Then Machine, bc I work with too many computers. And it's fun to see computers as babies. Or at least as their primitive caveman versions.

I know that I've seen the entire series at least twice every summer of my life, from age 5 to age 17. And once I got it in DVD, I must've watched those versions at least 5 times. And there was a time when I was watching online. That's another round.

Never enough.  Like Shakespeare, I keep seeing new things. If anything, it's hard for me to get through an entire episode without stopping to look up an obscure reference. It's a huge Thing for me, really. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What year is this?

The year of the Monkey/Monkee is over, and now we are in the year of the Rooster, according to the Asian  Lunar New Year.

But we now seem to be embroiled in a new nation. "Making it great again" with nazi slogans and unconstitutional bans on Muslims.

What year are we in? 1968? With all those protests & marches and the country fighting for Civil Rights.

Or are we in 1939? Awaiting a giant world war.


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