Sunday, May 5, 2013

Part 2: What an ACTUAL Show is Like

6) "Joshua fit the battle round Jericho"-the first song he learned to play.  And he demonstrates the first two chords he needed to play the song. Look out, Pete Seeger.
Here's Mahalia Jackson doing it on the Nat King Cole Show

He discusses more "songs I cut my teeth with".  Mentions other influences, like Burl Ives, who played Big Daddy in "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof", scared the hell out of him,

7) "The Fox" (Burl Ives recording)

8) "To pass the time away"  (Traditional song, title?)
He says, "I used to put my kids to sleep with this," which was perhaps a shoutout to Hallie, who was in attendance.

He introduces the Banjo, with a confusing story about how Seeger lengthened the neck. (??)

9) "Cripple creek" (Yes, that song from the Touring Episode)

Then a transition from describing his home music environment of Classical,  and the expectation of "harmonic flow" vs Elvis and some quick reference to a radio dj, (name?)  He won't even attempt Little Richard, but his Elvis is fabulous. And funny.

10) "I want You, I need you, I love you" His Elvis impression.  Here's his performance in Buffalo.
He ends it with the same schtick from at least 1998, "Hey, I'm back. Was anyone here while I was gone?" in a performance with James Lee Stanley.  It didn't get a laugh back then either.  I don't take issue with pulling set pieces from different parts of one's repertoire.  I don't understand why he keeps the UNfunny jokes?

Andrew Sandoval is introduced because Peter asks for a chair. Isn't he the Co-Producer? And the guy who just wrote "Monkees Day by Day"?  Shouldn't he get a proper round of applause?  He kinda does, and Peter acknowledges him properly, if awkwardly.  (Ugh, with all the Monkee nerds in the room, you'd think we could get a proper introduction & opportunity to pay reverence to the Ultimate Nerd!)

Peter then gets lost in a ramble about Plastic integrity, which gets one good laugh for irony, but which he then milks for 5 minutes. He flunked out of college twice. Pic with Grandma on the small screen.

He mentions a place called "Socrates Cube" (??) on Sullivan or Thompson. Passing the hat and he'd rattle it, meaning that you were a cheapskate if you gave change.  He wanted the "Swish" of paper.

(Apologies for the terrible photo quality)

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